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Gardener cleans a garden with a rake in autumn.

Ah, Autumn. Where photo opportunities of frolicking in golden foliage abound and your garden prepares for the winter shutdown. As the temperature drops, your thoughts may turn to hot chocolate and cosy slippers. Instead, brave the nip in the air and head for the garden to do your end of summer season maintenance. You’ll be glad you did when Spring arrives.

It’s time to tidy, put your garden bits and bobs away in the shed to protect them from the elements and plant some bulbs. Here are 7 essential jobs to do to keep your garden spick and span over winter.

Plant spring bulbs

Plant your spring bulbs in your garden in Autumn and marvel at the colourful display that brings your garden to life in Spring.

Give your bush a trim

Get your hedge trimmers or secateurs out and remove the deadwood from your hedges and shrubs. It’ll prevent overgrowth, and there’ll be fewer leaves making a break for freedom.

Show your lawn some love

Give the mower one last outing around your garden in Autumn before storing it in the shed for winter. Rake any dead leaves, aerate when the ground is soft and add a bit of fertiliser for frost resistance.

Protect your pots

If you’re not filling your containers with shrubs or hardy flowers to give your garden a splash of colour, give them a bit of TLC to get them through the winter months. Lift them off the ground, so they don’t get waterlogged and pop a bit of insulation in, like hay or cardboard.

Shift everything into your shed

Don’t leave your BBQ out over the winter to rust or your garden furniture to get weather-beaten. Move what you can into your shed or garage and get a few more years’ use out of your garden investment.

Wow the wildlife in your garden in Autumn

Like an extrovert writer without a SAD lamp, wildlife can suffer in the winter. Leave some seeds and nuts out in a bird feeder and fill up your birdbath so our feathered friends can fend off the forces of frost and snow. Throw some leftovers into the garden for other wildlife.

Top tip, if you don’t want Basil Brush knocking over your bins, pop your chicken carcass into the food recycling rather than leaving it on your patio.

Power wash the patio

Take care of your patio or decking by clearing soggy leaves and dirt away. Then give it a power wash to get rid of any ingrained dirt or mould. Make sure you’ve treated your decks as left bare they can be very slippy and may start to rot.

So there you have it. Tidy up your garden in the Autumn, and you’ll reap the benefits come Spring, when you’re not wrestling with overgrown bushes and triffid-like weeds. Now, off inside with you for a warming bowl of pumpkin soup in front of Autumnwatch.



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